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Yorkshire Renegades - Western / Cowboy Action Shooting Club

This is the online forum for the Yorkshire Renegades. Membership fees are required at the first shoot of each season to ensure membership.

All shooting members and visitors

Would EVERYONE please take note 

1) Rifle loads will need to be chronographed for new members and at the start of each season and must be <1000 feet per second. This is mandatory to ensure that we are well within range limits.

2) Shotgun cartridges must use FIBRE wads whether shooting nitro or blackpowder, for obvious environmental reasons; with an equivalent load to 21g of no.7 shot (or roughly the same). 

3) Shoots will start at 9.30am to set up the range for the days shooting. Members are asked to arrive promptly to help set things up for a prompt start to the day's shooting.

If you can't stay to the end, please make sure that you can do what you can to help clearing up before you go.

4) Car parking spaces are very limited so please think ahead and car share where possible.

As (hopefully) the weather improves and we get more shooters, space will be at a premium as we MUST NOT park on the road outside.



Home Office Approval

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Colt BB guns for sale

Check out the photo I've put on

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Range Ettiquette

Etiquette at each Shoot :
1. Arrive in good time to assist in setting up. Likewise, stay after to help clear up at the end.
2. Listen to safety briefing and follow all instructions.
3. Accept misses, penalties and mechanical failures with good grace.
4. Extend a hand to less experienced shooters
5. Respect the score-keepers, their decision is final.
6. Come to the loading table promptly when called and be ready when its your turn to shoot.
7. Give the observers time to verify the condition of your guns and ammunition.
8. Arrange your weapons and starting position safely and follow directions.
9. Listen to the Range Officer and follow safety rules at all times.



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